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Investment Returns

High Cashflow

We target a minimum 8% gross rental income. This is the yield at the start of the investment cycle. Yields generally increase over time and most of our investments now have a yield in excess of 10%.

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Instant Equity

We have a range of strategies we implement in order to generate immediate equity in our investments. Find out more about these strategies after you sign up. They are not complicated, but they are unique to each property.

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Capital Gains

We have the unique perspective of being landlords ourselves. Unlike traditional agencies, we don't use property management to subsidise our sales department. We simply treat your property like our own.

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Investment Strategy

We have very strict investment criteria and returns we want to achieve. This means we have to look at lots of deals every day to find the right one. Sometimes we find a few at a time and sometimes this process takes longer. We don't get emotionally involved in our investment choices.

Small variations in property location, property construction, finance, property layout and a range of other factors can make a significant difference in the investment outcome. It is amazing how small things that appear to be insignificant can make the difference between a successful investment and an average investment.

We are 100% independent and work only for you. We generally have "skin in the game", which means we invest alongside you with each and every property. If you agree that achieving success in the long run requires perseverance and consistency, then we would make great partners.