Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other fees such as disbursements, admin fees, advertising fees?

No. There are no other fees. The only fees are an ongoing 5% management fee and a $200 letting fee, which is only a recovery of the cost of advertising the property. This means it is in our best interest (and yours) to keep tenants long term.

Will you attend the tribunal if there is a dispute with a tenant?

Yes. We are your representatives in relation to all aspects of the property. However, we would work very hard to avoid such a situation in the first place and attempt to resolve the dispute before it escalates.

Are there any Fees for transferring Management to you?

No. You may have a notice period with your existing company, but we are willing to waive the first month's fee, so you can transfer immediately. We will take care of the entire process.

What is involved with transferring Management to PropertyRep?

It's very simple. We will take care of the legwork. Simply complete our online form and once we have verified the details (legislative requirement) we will take care of the rest. To complete the form... Click here

What level of involvement do you require from me as the owner?

This is entirely up to you. We can take over the management in its entirety, so you simply receive your statements monthly and annually via your online account or we can liaise with you about everything. The choice is yours. When you transfer your property to us, we will establish what level of involvement you prefer.