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Property Management

Finding a great property manager is a tricky process. We often found instructions weren't followed or tenants were pressured into rent increases, which in turn resulted in the tenant leaving simply to generate more fees for the agency. We balance the needs of tenants and landlords to deliver results.

We can offer you the unique perspective of feedback on your portfolio in order to improve your returns. Whilst we are not financial advisers, we can share our experiences with you so you can maximise your existing portfolio and educate yourself to grow your asset base.

Our fees are simple and transparent. We have an industry leading 5% ongoing management fee, but don't compromise on service. How do we do this? We have the ability to keep our fees low as we know the pitfalls to avoid and we don't waste your money on expensive office space. We never understood why you would visit an office if you are interested in renting a property!? Surely you need to view the property?



5% Management Fee

Change of Tenant:

$200 Letting Fee

Other Fees?


Easy Transfer

Simply sign up with us and we will arrange for the transfer.

Usually your existing manager will have a notice period attached before we can start managing your property. However,
once your property is with us, we don't have any notice period as we expect you to be happy with our services.

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